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Testimonials for Deena McMahon, McMahon Counseling & Consultation Services, LLC

Hi Deena,

I wanted to write you to tell you what an awesome job you did — I couldn’t be more pleased with it. You really seemed to know the audience and you gave them what they wanted. The “grapevine” is buzzing with words of praise! It was a great success.

Dana Ahlness, MA Guardian ad Litem Program Coordinator

At my request [Deena] developed a training session for us on considerations when moving children based on the child’s development.  Delivered today, it was excellent and well received by the guardians ad litem.  The way she is able to weave case examples that relate to the experience of the GALs is so valuable!  She makes common sense out of very complicated child development/child trauma dynamics so that our GALs feel empowered and energized…If there is ever another statewide training this would be a great presentation.

Susanne K. Smith, Manager 4th Judicial District Guardian ad Litem Program

Hi Deena,

I loved your presentation and learned many great lessons to add to my trainings.  I love the reframing role playing.

You are a very wise woman.  Your evals were almost all checked in the boxes for excellent with a few very goods scattered in.

Written comments included,
Very helpful and practical information
Great presenter and presentation
Lots of energy and passion
Great practical suggestions of what to say and how to say it
Fantastic, I could attend presentations by Deena over & over
I leave feeling hopeful, informed and excited
Fantastic information, presenter was engaging & fun
Presenter was great
Excellent, I will recommend more attunement & empathy when I work with children and caregivers
Deena did a fantastic job & offered many helpful tools & suggestions for working with traumatized children
I used to be a board member for MCDES and I am going to recommend you as a future speaker
She wore high heels and didn’t fall
Liked the real life examples-I like less background and more ideas on how to respond
Great job, really engaging

So, as you see, they loved you!
Thanks again.


Deborah Cavitt, Project Director Minnesota Association for Children’s Mental Health,

…. Between putting a stop to the original list of questions and explaining to the judge why the girls deserve a chance at a safe and loving home … you will deserve a huge chunk of the credit for their current and future wellbeing.

George Carroll, Robins, Kaplan, Miller & Ciresi L.L.P.

Dear Deena,

Thank you for your leadership and assistance in the recent Minnesota Mini-Institute on Safely Reducing the Number of Children in Foster Care. We greatly appreciate all of your time and effort. Your presentation and information shared at the state capitol was the highlight of the meeting for most legislators in attendance! All of the meeting participants learned a great deal and left excited to go back to their home states and implement innovative policies for safe reduction.

Kelly Crane, MSW Policy Specialist National Conference of State Legislatures Children and Families Program Denver, CO

The experience of being falsely accused and investigated has been so hurtful to our family, that we now feel like parents of trauma.   I can honestly tell you that our family would not have survived this experience if it had not been for the support and encouragement of Deena.  There were (and still are) days that we felt so alone, so targeted, so vulnerable that we felt like the only solution would be to give up.  At our toughest moments we were able to call Deena and she listened to us, and she always offered appropriate advice.  There is no one in our local area who has the knowledge and experience with special needs children to support us, so being able to call Deena has truly saved our family.

An adoptive parent

Good Morning Deena,

I want to thank you for your work on S’s case.  There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that if it were not for you she would not have won her opportunity to be adopted and have a family.  Your reputation precedes you and your expertise establishes you.

Tim Arneson, Guardian ad Litem

There are not enough words to express my feelings of gratitude after being able to visit with Mrs. McMahon.  She gave me hope, assurance that things would get better, gave validity to my thoughts and feelings and also directed us in a much needed direction of healing!

She gave resources and references that we immediately checked into, this was so wonderful!!!

I was a very “lost” mom, feeling a little hopeless and Deena, in one conversation, was able to uplift my spirits and give me hope again!  Thank you so much for providing our family with this tremendous valuable resource!

Parent of three high-needs children

Deena McMahon completed an Adoption Competency Training in Jackson, Mississippi, for adoption and mental health professionals who work with children, youth and families. The training was very enlightening to this group of professionals as they learned much needed techniques in dealing with the mental health issues of their clients.

…  Some of the comments received afterwards are as follows:

  • “Thank you! This was probably the best training I have been to maybe ever! She was very engaging and the material covered was exactly the training areas we need. I hope she will be back next year. I would love to attend again even if she said the same exact things! It’s good to hear these things over and over.”
  • “Many blessings to you and your staff for gaining and implementing this training!! I see lots of roots and blooms from the seeds that have been planted from Deena’s positive, emotionally empathic approach. And again—thanks from my heart…we needed this, and truly appreciate working with you.”
Patricia Digby, Harden House