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Crisis Intervention Services

Violence and tragedy don’t work nine to five; our social service system shouldn’t either. When families need help the most, Deena McMahon can be on call, available to help them through the most challenging times.

She provides comprehensive mental health triage for client families as well as for the mental health professionals who experience secondary trauma in cases involving extreme abuse, violence and homicide.

A mishandled crisis can leave emotional scars that can last a lifetime.

Deena McMahon has extensive experience handling cases involving child homicide, and extreme cases of domestic violence, including those that result in fatalities. She knows how to handle a crisis in a way that puts the best interests of the children first.

She not only understands the needs of children, she also knows the criminal justice and juvenile justice systems. She knows how to provide forensic documentation and work with survivors.

In addition, she can provide support and counseling to mental health workers who are traumatized by their work.

A mental health emergency crisis worker, Ms. McMahon is available to be on call evenings and weekends. To learn how she can be of assistance to your agency, please contact McMahon Counseling and Consultation Services, LLC, in St. Paul, Minnesota.


On a Friday night, police arrive at the scene of a domestic. The dad had shot his wife. Their son was taken from the scene and placed in foster care. The child didn’t know whether his mother was dead or alive until Monday morning when his social worker was back on the job. That’s not acceptable.

Deena McMahon, MSW, LICSW

“I want to be the EMT of Mental Health.”

Deena McMahon, MSW, LICSW