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Permanecy Placement Consults & Assessments

Foster families, guardians and child welfare agencies retain Ms. McMahon to consult on the appropriateness of an adoption or custody change before legal action is taken. In these cases, the parties want to know whether permanent placement of a child is a good fit.

Ms. McMahon assesses the parents and the child(ren) in the home and recommends whether or not to leave the child(ren) in the home. In cases in which there are competing permanency petitions, this process helps determine which alternative would be most beneficial. In adoptive families, it offers advice about the impact the newly placed child(ren) would have on those already residing in the family.

Ms. McMahon is the author of Placement Considerations: Making Good Matches, a set of best practices used throughout the U.S. and Canada when assessing permanent placement of children.

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Each case is unique. In some instances, I have told parents not to move forward with a permanent placement or adoption. In other cases, I’ve said, ‘I know you are scared, but you can do this.’

Deena McMahon, MSW, LICSW